Klammer "I Don't Know What It Is" Single Review by Frank Roper of Local Sound Focus (04/10/2020)

First some information. This single is released as part of the Yesterday’s Not Here Project – a project to celebrate the work of Pete Shelley, and a fundraiser to raise money for the Memorial Fund that is being set up. In December an album of covers of Pete’s music (where he either wrote the words or music) will be released digitally.

So what have Klammer done with this song (from the ‘Homospaien’ album)? Well they’ve turned what was a kind of rave-y electronica and Klammerirised it. I can think of no other way of putting it. It’s kind of punky post-punk – in a way it reminds me of Sisters of Mercy. It’s doomy and dark guitars, with soaring vocals and a pounding beat.

But it doesn’t entirely lose the feel of the original. The original has something of a post-punk feel – think New Order – it’s just that it’s electronica. I can hear the original in Klammers’ version, even though it may sound completely different. They’ve taken something that’s there in the original, but only a hint of it, and magnified it, They’ve taken that as a starting point. And it’s clever musically to do that. This may raise the thought with you that it’s an exercise in musical cleverness. It isn’t because there’s a feel in the track that says they ‘mean this’, there’s heart and soul. It’s a tribute to the song done in their way, their own frankly fantastic way.

This, like the original, is a song to dance to, to lose yourself in the beat. To get hot and sweaty to, and that’s an order.


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Klammer - Invitation Only Gig - The Rehearsal Rooms - Huddersfield 2020

Live Review by Kevin Stevens for Refections of Darkness Music Magazine

"... Set two was a trip into the unknown, they hadn’t shared any details with me on the direction of the new material - was it the KLAMMER I know and love? Or had they pushed the boundaries? As the first chords hit my ears I am pleased to tell you the KLAMMER sound and vibe is still intact! However after listening to the twelve new tracks, still in a (late) stage of development, its plain to hear that the band have shifted into new territory without leaving the KLAMMER sound behind. It’s still got the raw edge and the energy that they have managed to drag kicking and screaming alongside them - but somehow sounds more “grown up”.

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Here's what the critics are saying about the new single "Being Boiled"

"Look this is not ‘just’ a cover, it’s an interpretation, something that works, it works brilliantly"

(Local Sound Focus)

"Full of hooks, driving energy, the unmistakeable vocals of Poss and a relentless guitar drenched mid-section courtesy of Steve Whitfield. As for covering another bands song and making it fit perfectly into the often hellish state of todays modern world Klammer have done a faultless job."


...and the album "You Have Been Processed"

Matthew MacDermant KJAG Radio Kansas, USA

"Rising stars in British alternative music... If you are a fan of Joy Division, The Damned, The Stranglers, Bauhaus, David Bowie, or any of the post-punk and alt-rock early classics, you’ll absolutely love Klammer’s new album “You Have Been Processed..."

Louder Than War

"...Highly recommended listening; this is already one of my favourites of 2018..."

Post Punk.Com

"...almost like a Rorschach’s test of musical allusion..." 

The Punk Lounge

"...There’s edge and menace but masked by some wonderful harmonies created by voice and guitar. I for one will relish seeing KLAMMER live to see them reproduce this great album.."

Punk Online

"...pace, power, precision and a dose of post-punk attitude..."

Stereo Embers Magazine

"...These guys have definitely bridged the gap left by Interpol of infectious, catchy, hook-filled, dark post-punk. The world needs to wake up and embrace this band...."

Local Sound Focus.com

"...This a collection of songs without any fillers, it’s all good, it’s all incredibly good..."

Uber Rock

"...Get ‘You Have Been Processed’ on your hit list, sharpish..."

Concert Monkey, Brussels

"Many claim KLAMMER are the hottest UK post-punk offering in many years" 

"SPIRAL GIRL" 7 inch Single & Download Reviews:


"....Previously described as the love child of XTC and Gang Of Four, Klammer offer an enticing twist on the post-punk attitude, blending in elements of goth rock, punk rock and dark wave, all with dark pop sensibilities..."

(Paul Scott-Bates)

Full Review at  Louder Than War 11 July, 2018


"...This song from KLAMMER is gloriously wonderful, it’s epic, it’s huge. It’s engaging in a ‘sit down and listen to it’ way, and if you’re in the mood for dancing it’ll get you going absolutely crazy in seconds. I, for one, need stuff like this in my life..."

(Frank Roper)

Full Review at localsoundfocus.com)

“Modern God” by Klammer Reviews:


"This new single from Leeds-based post-punk quartet Klammer... it’s great melodic punk and there is an undercurrent of edginess and intrigue which makes you want to listen to more..."

Full Review at Louder Than War Magazine May 10th 2018


""...It can only be a matter of time before Klammer are heard on a wider scale...."

Full Review at (Rock Regeneration) April 23rd, 2018

Klammer, You Have Been Processed, Vinyl Album
Klammer,Post Punk Dark Pop,Spiral Girl,7"
Klammer Post Punk Leeds UK,Modern God
Klammer | Post Punk | Dark Pop | Leeds UK,7" Single
Klammer | Post Punk | Dark Pop | Leeds UK
Klammer | Post Punk | Dark Pop | Leeds UK